Premiere Credit


Welcome to Premiere Credit. We are a leading national accounts receivable management firm (ARM) successfully managing more than two million accounts valued at nearly $17 billion. And we do it the right way - with an unwavering dedication to compliance and to treating our clients and their consumers with respect.

At Premiere Credit, performance and compliance go hand in hand. Our commitment to perform at the highest level of compliance in all areas of our business while generating excellent recovery results for our clients sets us apart in the ARM industry. We have built a culture on practices that are ethical, results-driven, security-focused, and compliant. Those principles have been the key to our success in a wide range of debt asset classes, including:

  • College and university tuition and accounts receivable
  • Federal student loans
  • Healthcare receivables
  • Private student loans
  • Federal, state, and municipal debt
  • Utilities

We have grown from a staff of two in 1999 to a team of over 500 associates today, serving clients nationwide. We’ve assembled a management team that combines the best of experience and expertise with a proven record of accomplishments in leading industry practices. Comprised of professionals from several companies in the industry, our management team is uniquely experienced and positioned to develop progressive and effective practices we put to work for our clients every day.

Using a data warehouse of historical and demographic data, developed in conjunction with a team from a highly respected university, we use sophisticated modeling tools to build customized recovery plans for our clients. We understand and make sense of large data sets, using a variety of statistical modeling and data mining techniques. These methods allow us to extract information to identify risks, opportunities, and patterns in accounts.

Data security is important to you and the consumer, and it is important to us. We proactively work to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) by utilizing a PCI Authorized Security Vendor (ASV) to scan and evaluate network security on a regular basis. In fact, our data centers are protected by the latest security measures, both physically and virtually. We utilize everything from state-of-the-art alarms and access systems to the latest in cyber-security to protect the data of our clients and their account holders. It’s just one more reason clients choose Premiere Credit over other ARM providers.


Client Cues

  • Utilize a combination of technology, analytics, insight and experience to create customized solutions
  • Over $17 billion of assets under management
  • 24/7 access to our account management team
  • Dedicated to compliance and focused on emerging trends in the industry
  • Utilize a combination of technology, analytics, insight and experience to create customized solutions
  • Management team has over 250 years of combined experience in the collections industry
  • Ethical interactions
  • Compliance beyond industry standards
  • Results driven